best country in the world for food

Top 10 Best Country In The World For Food In 2022

Top 10 best country in the world for food

Do you know which country has the best food? Food is one of the basic necessities for human beings to survive in the whole world.  That’s why we’re sharing with you the Top 10 best country in the world for food. There are different best types of food across the world, having different tastes and benefits, and every person has it’s taste according to which people choose the best food item for them. Many countries have some specialty in their food and cuisine, but the problem is that how people will choose the best one among many dishes of different food countries as every dish is tasty and different in taste. There are many countries with the best cuisine in the world. If we talk about which country has the best food in the world so it is very difficult to say which countries have the best food. But there are many countries which are very famous for their tastiest food in the world and considered to be the best food countries.

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Some countries have the most flavourful food just like Chinese, Italian, Spanish foods which are also cooked at home almost everywhere. The culture of the country is truly represented in their great tasting food and tourists from all over the world want to taste those interesting dishes when they are in respective countries. Every person wants to try different types of food cultures for something new and develop their taste. Where is the best food in the world, now we are going to tell you the best looking food in the world for that I want to mention some of best country for food? Following are the top 10 countries with the best cuisine.

Top 10 Best countries with the best food

  1. Italy
  2. Mexico
  3. France
  4. India
  5. Greece
  6. Spain
  7. Japan
  8. China
  9. United States of America
  10. Thailand
italian food
italian food

1 Italy

If we talk about the top 10 cuisine in the world then Italy has the number 1 food in the world. It has famous food around the world and people most liked their food in the world. Italy is known as the best country food. The most common foods eaten in the world today are pasta, pizza cheesy risotto these are all Italian dishes, and these are the best dishes in the world. It is very famous for its special cultural dishes. Italian foods are very historical and have much developed now because of the changes in the country socially. Italy is the nicest country in the world for world best country food. The main ingredients of their dishes are wine and cheese that are always added to their food in all restaurants. It is considered as the best destination culinary in the world and its food represent a country in the whole world. A simple pizza and pasta meal by an Italian chef will be finger-licking sweet. And it’s just not the taste that will wow you, it will be good to look at! Italy has the best top cooks in the world for its good taste. It has the best meal in the world rankings.

Mexico food
Mexico food

2 Mexico

Mexico is a very strong cultural country which is also ranked as the 5th largest country because of its large area. Their traditional food around the world is called Mexican food which is the most delicious food on earth. Mexican food is similar to Spanish foods. Both use similar ingredients in their dishes and it has the yummiest food in the world. Tacos al pastor, Tostadas, Guacamole, Tamales, etc are the popular food item of Mexico country. These are the tasty food in the world. Their cooking methods are mixed in which some are traditional foods and some of them are the latest interesting foods from around the world. Their easy cultural foods are mostly spicy which is really good food to make at dinners or parties. People who like the best foreign food should definitely try Mexican foods. These are the ethnic foods to try in homes and restaurants. Mexico has the best international foods in the world.

china food
china food

3 China

China is a wonderful country and it has the highest population in the world that’s why china has the biggest and largest foods in the world and their food is awesome. Chinese dishes are famous throughout the world. China has the best restaurants in the world. Their national dish is spaghetti noodles which is the most delicious dish in the world. Chinese people love to eat noodles and mostly boiled things like vegetables, meal,s, etc. The most famous Chinese food is loved in the whole world, and people are capable of making it in their homes like Chinese rice, Manchurian, spring rolls, spaghetti, noodles, etc. Almost everyone in the world loves Chinese food because of its great taste. China comes in the ranking of best countries for delicious food. China has the healthiest food in the world.

India food
India food

4 India

India is a well-known country for its delicious food. If we talk about which country has the most vegetarian food then India has the worlds best cuisine for their best good cultures. Indian Chinese restaurant are most popular in the world. India has the best food country which has mouth watering, finger licking, and more than often spicy vegetarian foods. Indian’s are mostly vegetarians because their meals do not include beef, considering that cows are sacred for them. India has a vegetarian culture around the world. Their basic food items are pulses, vegetables, eggs but their special dishes include spicy curries, butter chicken, Malai kofta, Upma, palak panir, etc, these are the worlds famous foods of India. Every Indian dish is traditionally great in its taste. Rice is one of the basic cereal of Indian cuisine as well for eating in dinner and lunch. India has the best testing food in the world.

France Food
France Food

5 France

French foods are the great cuisines of the world and have different tastes in their recipes. When we talk about countries with good foods then we can’t forget France because it has the best country recipes in the world which inspired us with delicious food. The presentation and garnishing of French dishes are very appealing for the people of the whole world. France has the best beaf in the world ranking. France is a very well developed country for its traditional and cultural cooking style in the world. Some common dishes of France just like French fries are the most favorite snacks for the majority of people and over the top food in the world. France has supper ideas for their cultural meals. It comes in the top food countries for the best worlds cuisines ranking. Some special dishes are Bisque, Macarons, and terrine which are the popular dishes in the world for their yummy taste. French cuisine has always been the best gastronomy in the world for its innovation and superlative attention to detail. This country has the coolest food ever in the world.

Spain foods
Spain foods

6 Spain

Spain is one of the most popular country for its brilliant taste all over the world. Spain has a unique culture and great taste in their food items that are the perfect combination of culinary from different places in the world. Spanish foods are the unique foods of the world. Pork is much eaten in Spain which is forbidden in Islam and Muslims avoid it, that’s why some other Spanish dishes are also not eaten by some communities of the world due to their limits of religion and culture as well. This is the worst cuisine in the world for Muslims in which pork is added. Some common dishes of Spain just like Paella Valenciana, Patatas bravas, Gazpacho, Jamon these are yummy and very good food in Spanish cuisine. However, Spanish food is delicious food in the world.

Greece Food
Greece Food

7 Greece

Greece is a beautiful country in the whole world. What each country is known for most beautiful food then Greece has one of the most amazing food dishes in its global cuisines. It is also the most well-known country for its cuisines. Their meat is the most popular in the world. There are different things, in general, you can try, from salads to hot yummy dishes, from sweets to soups. They have delicious food in the world. Their special dish is souvlaki which is a very traditional food in their culture. It is the little pieces of pork that are fried on the grill. For the grill preferences, most Greece residents recommend picking one from Traeger ironwood or Timberline, since they are one of the leading ones in the grills market. They eat all kinds of meat like pork, rabbit, lamb which is not eaten in some other countries. Greece has some core ingredients that are used in their cuisines like lemon, olive oil, bread, herbs wine, etc. They always served their foods with wine and is normally expensive than other cuisines. They served their appetizers with different dipping sauces. Their food is very attractive and is the best looking food in the world. In Greece, you will find the best restaurants in the world for its delicious and great taste. They have great food to make something new and flavourful dishes in their homes and parties. Greece comes in the top rated countries for their yummiest food in the world.

United states of America Food
United States of America Food

8 United States of America

America is also a well-known country for its awesome cuisine. United States of America is commonly called the USA. This country is very popular for its delicious foods. The majority of people are eaten fast food in America. They liked to eat fast food, cheesy burgers in which a lot of cheese is added. There are many big restaurants of fast food in America just like Burger King, McDonald’s, KFC, and Johnny Rockets, etc. These are the famous restaurants in the USA. American fast food restaurants also have opened in many other countries in the world. That is the reason American peoples are fat and facing major health problems due to their unbalanced diets because they are totally dependent on fast food. The National dish of the USA is Hamburger which is a very tasty food in the world. Chocolate brownies, sweet apple pies truffle are the classic desserts of America. These brownies and cakes come in different sweet flavors and add on including mint, peanut butter, raspberry, almonds, brown chocolate, and white chocolate. They are sold in the whole countries of the world. Brownies are one of the most favorite dishes in America.

Thailand Food
Thailand Food

9 Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful country and is very famous for its Thai food. Thailand is a very well developed country. If you like to eat hot foods, then consider Thai cuisines. Their foods are spicy, crunchy, chewy, slippery, sour, and salty all in one. Their foods are the chewy coolest food ever in the world. Rice is the most important food product in Thai foods. Thai rice is very yummy and delicious all over the world. Their exotic spicy flavors and aromas tickle every single taste bud with spice. Somtum, Tom Kha Kai, Gaeng Daeng are the special dishes of Thai foods. Spicy Shrimp Soup is the most loved food in people of Thailand. They have the best Cooking Recipes in the world. Thailand has probably the best street food in the world for its lovely taste. They made their food meals in proper different style and are further garnished very well to make them more attractive to the people and food lovers in the world. However, Thailand is considered the world’s best food country in the world because of its mouth watering dishes.

japan food
japan food

10 Japan

Japanese cuisines are also very famous in the world due to their traditional culture and great taste. If we talk about what culture has the best food then Japan has the best food cultures for the perfect combination in their food items. They eat their foods with chopsticks. Their staple food is white rice which is combined with other dishes for a complete and tasteful meal. Sashimi, Unagi (Grilled Eel), Buckwheat Noodles, Hearty Wheat Noodles, Tempura are the top 5 foods in Japan. Tempura is the most delicious dish in Japan which is made by sea food and Japanese people most liked this delicious food in their diner and lunches. Their cooking menu ideas are unique in the world. They have the tastiest food in the world. That is the reason, people and tourists from the world want to taste their spicy dishes while staying in Japan. Japan has the best food in the world by country.

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