Goat and Sheep Farming In Pakistan

[Profitable Farming] Goat and Sheep Farming In Pakistan

My topic today is Goat and Sheep Farming In Pakistan. Goat farming is a profitable business and is also considered profitable farming. In addition, it is respected because our Prophet Muhammad PBUH also kept goats, so it is considered a pure profession. Therefore, Goat and Sheep Farming is considered to be the profession of the Prophets. Goat and Sheep Farming in Pakistan is done on a large scale. One of the main reasons for this is to take wool and meat from Sheep and meat and leather from Goat. I will also tell you Goat Farming In Pakistan Urdu.

The population of Pakistan is growing very fast every day, so Goat and Sheep Farming is very important to meet the production of meat in natural foods. There are different types of goats in pakistan. Which can be grown in a very good way all over Pakistan and can also grow well. But one thing is very special about Goat and Sheep Farming in Pakistan. There are certain areas all over Pakistan where different breeds can be bred in a very good and natural way.

Types Of Goats In Pakistan

There are 6 types of goats reared in Pakistan which are very popular. There are many more types, but they are rare.

  1. Beetal Goat Farming in Pakistan
  2. Daira Din Panah Goats in Pakistan
  3. Barbari Goat in Pakistan
  4. Kamori Goats in Pakistan
  5. Damani Goats in Pakistan
  6. Teddy Goat Farming In Pakistan

Breeds Of Sheep in Pakistan

These 12 species of sheep are reared in Pakistan. But the most famous sheep breed is Kajli which is found mostly in Sargodha area. The following sheep are found in Pakistan which are as follows:

  1. Lohi Sheep in Pakistan
  2. Thali Sheep in Pakistan
  3. kachli Sheep Breeds in Pakistan
  4. Bachi Sheep Breeds In Pakistan
  5. Kajli Sheep Breed in Pakistan
  6. Balochi Sheep Breed in Pakistan
  7. Waziri Sheep Breeds in Pakistan
  8. Barnai Sheep Breeds in Pakistan
  9. Hashtnagri Sheep in Pakistan
  10. Machini Sheeps in Pakistan
  11. Taraji Sheep in Pakistan
  12. Babrak Sheep in Pakistan
Goat Farming In Pakistan
Goat Farming In Pakistan

Goat and Sheep Fence Construction in Pakistan

When it comes to Goat and Sheep Fence Construction, Pakistan is a poor country. About 60% of people cannot provide Fence for their Goat and Sheep. But 40% of people are raising Goat and Sheep in a very good way. To put it simply, the government of Pakistan has issued some very important guidelines for Goat and Sheep Fence Construction for its poor farmers which I think it is necessary to state. Goat and Sheep Fence Construction should always be built on a high place so that rain water cannot stand whenever it rains.

The fence should always be facing north to south so that the sun in winter and the shade in summer can last as long as possible. In addition, one of the advantages of this is that the urine of animals in the fence dries up as soon as possible. The floor of the enclosure should be rough so that the legs of the animals do not get damaged and the walls of the enclosure should be 2 feet high from the ground so that no snakes etc. can enter. You can also plant bamboo above 2 feet so that the air is well crossed. If trees are planted for shade, this is a great way because you can feed the goats the leaves of the trees in winter and provide shade to the animals in summer.

Goat and Sheep Selection For Farming Business Plan

I am giving this Goat and Sheep Selection For Profitable Farming Business Plan only for the people of Pakistan and India. Because the rest of the world has different seasons, of course they can get knowledge or ideas from all these things, but goat farming according to the weather of your country. One thing my listeners often ask me is how does natural selection affect animal behavior. So there is always the same answer. Animals raised with natural food are healthy and strong. They have the power to fight diseases and animals kept in pens or small spaces are weak and diseases attack them very quickly.

Now I am talking about Goat and Sheep Selection, then we are talking about farming. If you are just starting out in Goat and Sheep Farming, always take Pregnant Goat or Pregnant Sheep so that in the next few months she will give birth and by the time that baby is young the mother will be pregnant again. This is how the farming system will continue. One more thing to keep in mind if you are a Goat and Sheep Farming In Pakistan. Always have a Goat and Sheep breed that has more than 2 children so you can turn Goat and Sheep Farming into a Profitable Farming. I think one male goat or ram is enough for 25 goats or sheep. The most important thing is that a breed and healthy father is the time of a breed and healthy child, so the male goat should be young and healthy.

Sheep and Goat Vaccines

Whenever new goats or sheep are purchased, they should be vaccinated first and then all the new animals should be kept separately for 10 days so that no such disease is transmitted to the farm animals. Before bringing Sheep and Goat to the farm, the fence should be thoroughly cleaned and some poison or lime should be sprayed so that all the insects die.

Sheep and Goats Breeding

The most important part of any Profitable farming is breeding. If breeding is going well in Goat and Sheep Farming In Pakistan then you are doing Profitable Farming otherwise your farm is running at a loss. Sheep or goats give birth in 5 months or 140 to 160 days. The most damaging work in Goat Farming In Pakistan is the birth of children in cold weather which results in death of 80% of the children and the farm goes into loss instead of profit. Therefore, mate your animals in a weather that is neither cold nor hot.

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