How To Start A Travel Blog With No Money

How To Start A Travel Blog With No Money in 2022

Every human being has some hobbies but the traveling hobby is done all over the world. There is no doubt that traveling hobby is one of the most expensive hobbies in the world. There is no doubt that with this hobby you can also make money by creating traveling blogs. In today’s article, we will talk about How To Start A Travel Blog With No Money. First of all, to create a travel blog, it is very important for you to understand what is a travel blog. It is very easy to become a travel blogger so you must first create a blog. Before you start your blogging career you need to know How To Create a Blog.

Would you like to learn how to start a travel blog With No Money about travel and making money so you can live a life like the fabulous? The good news is that you can still learn how to become a travel blogger and start your own blog. Did you know that? Success isn’t limited to a few people. Even though blogging isn’t a competition, I have seen new bloggers win top 50 lists (despite the fact blogging is a community). Despite having a blog since 2015, I now make 95% of my income from my blog, so I’m not working for a living. I go on vacation as soon as the credit card money enters my account.

The majority of the money didn’t just appear on the screen though, there was a lot of hard work behind the scenes. My mind was filled with hours of agonizing over what to work on next, and there was a lot of backstage work (which included tears of frustration, wanting to give up, and trying to convince myself that I failed) that no one saw. According to the statistic above, a new travel blog is published every six seconds. It takes only six seconds! In most cases, they don’t live past one year. Then why? It’s not easy to travel blog, as many people think. Then everybody would be doing it if it was so easy to do.

Blogging about travel can be challenging. In order to reach the point where you can travel so much, you need to put in a lot of effort, hours of preparation, and too much time in front of a computer screen. There are few jobs as dreamy as travel blogging. Investing time and money in your travel blog will ensure you earn money from it. Getting started by treating it like a business from the very start will make things go a lot smoother for you.

Learn how to start a travel blog with no money and dive into some travel blogging for beginners.

Difference Between Blog and Vlog

Vlogging may seem superior to blogging to you. Blogs have much greater commercial potential than many people realize! It’s not necessarily more lucrative to vlog, even though vlogging has gained more visibility.

It is possible to earn $20 per 1000 visitors by simply placing banner ads on your blog (and that’s without considering any other monetization methods). YouTube travel videos typically earn around $2 per 1000 views. This is ten times less than the national average. As Nas Daily or Drew Binsky show, vlogging is fantastic if you’re an accomplished individual, but a small blog can more easily make a decent income.

Starting a Blog Is On Your Mind

It is best to get started as soon as possible!

Blogs and domain names that have been around for a long time benefit search engines. In their first year, most blogs get negligible traffic. But then they gain a lot of traffic after they are released from Google’s ‘sandbox’. During this timeframe, Google continues to watch your website but is not evaluating it yet.

It’s better to leave the annoying sandbox as soon as possible. It is not necessary to have a bunch of articles on your site before you reach that point. Those who are trying to skip this step even purchase travel blogs that are at least a year old (you can find a lot of them on

It’s really an error to wait forever before starting your blog. This was not a good move in Apnashoq. The reason I started Apna Shoq for a year is that I should have begun it sooner.

By retaining your domain name, you will accrue a metric called “authority”, and your articles will have a greater chance of being indexed by search engines.

As a result, try not to keep your expectations too high for your first year. For most new bloggers, it takes between 12 and 18 months to begin receiving substantial traffic. Getting an audience is something I discussed in this post. It can be confusing at first but know you are essentially waiting for traffic sources (like Google) to come through. The key to success is patience.

How To Start A Travel Blog With No Money

Finding The Perfect Blog Name

Choosing the right name for your blog clearly is the first step to starting a blog. The name you choose represents who you are for the rest of your life, so it must be perfect. Before you choose a blog name, you should consider these factors.

Choose Always Unique Domain Name

Using the keyword in your blog name might already have been used on other blogs, even if you think you’re being clever and original. If you want people to recall your blog name, you won’t want it to look like another blog’s name.

Therefore, don’t search for travel blog names on Google. Don’t be afraid to be creative! Think creatively! How do you distinguish yourself from others?

Whenever possible, avoid using names like Nomadic [insert name], Travel [insert name], or Backpackers [insert name]. If you’re blonde, brunette, or redheaded, please don’t use your hair color in the name of your blog.

The names of these bloggers are already well-known. It will be the well-known blogger who people will remember over you.

Choose Easy Domain Name

As a blogger, I enjoy blog names that incorporate the person’s name, hence why I chose Apna Shoq. Because it’s sweet and simple, it’s easy to remember. I don’t recommend using names that are very difficult to remember or spell.

Write your blog’s description starting with a few words. Try a thesaurus to get ideas if none of them are clicking.

Choosing an awkward spelling will make your name more difficult to remember. You do not want any hyphens or numbers in the sentence either; your readers will not be able to remember them.

However, it’s still worth checking if the .com version of your website name is available if you do decide to use it. The domains that use .net, .ca, and .org are still wonderful but people tend to remember only what comes after the dot and not the rest of the name.

Professional Blogging For Success

Don’t forget that you must treat your blog like a business right from the start. Would you be willing to work with brands if you chose a blog name like ‘Kitchenappliancepackages‘? It has now been rebranded and the blogger has become very successful.

Always Think Long Term in Travel Blogging Life

You must be strategic when choosing a name, just because it may work for you now does not mean it will in the future. You should choose a name you will be able to grow into. As I grow older, I will discover whatever matters that interest me and can fit Taylor’s Tracks into my life.

If you are going to write about a region or destination exclusively, don’t include your age in your name. Who would go to a blog called Alyssa in Asia for information about Europe?

If you make it difficult for your future self, they will not appreciate it.

How To Make Money From Travel Blogging

In this final section, I will briefly discuss how blogs can generate revenue. A free blog making money is actually hard to believe for most people.

People ask me, “how do you make money?” whenever they hear I am a travel blogger.”. My collar gets grabbed and I’m shaken a lot and I get screaming, “HOW… Why?!?!?”. (Seriously. This is the most common question I hear!)

Blogs are able to generate revenue in roughly five different ways, which I will briefly summarize below. Each blog focuses on a different strategy.

As you probably know by now, you may not be able to make money from your blog. Money does not grow on blogs. Although they do not have a high overhead, they can still be very profitable. According to my estimates, 70% of my income goes to my retirement fund; not just that, I’m making a living doing it. You should be cautious when travel bloggers show off their earnings. Results are never guaranteed and it takes a lot of effort!

Make Money From Banner Ads

A blog can now be monetized in a variety of ways. Don’t bother with Adsense banners; they rarely pay off. If you want to advertise your blog on Mediavine, try it out. You can try Ezoic if you don’t qualify. Having too many ads on your site may become annoying for users, but the good news is that no matter what subject you write about, your site can automatically earn some good money in the background. Ads can be shown in any number (or few) you choose.

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing For Free

You earn commissions when someone purchases through these links. These are very useful to me. As an affiliate, you receive a commission if someone books a room at your favorite hotel on In many other fields as well, the situation is the same. In the past, I wrote an article for about Kitchen Related Reviews With Amazon Affiliate Links.

Product Sales From Website

Creating your own products can also be a good way to monetize your blog. You can sell courses, books, or merchandise directly to your readers by creating them. In addition to selling their presets, several Instagram users sell Adobe Lightroom presets. Any examples? On, I offer beautiful kitchen appliances.

Make Money With Sponsorship

A number of blogs work with tourism organizations or tour companies. Initially, you may be able to get some free travel opportunities or get a free hotel stay. If you write about certain experiences or destinations, you might be paid. I don’t usually earn from This blog, but this can be a lucrative revenue stream.

Best Blogging Offering Services

Additionally, it is possible to use a travel blog as a source of writing jobs and even tour customers. Bloggers who use their blog to demonstrate their skills in writing, editing, and photography are hired by many tourism-related companies as a result of their blog.

I would recommend focusing on building your business rather than worrying too much about monetization in the beginning. When your blog traffic level is low, it would be pointless to add affiliate links for days on end. The time you spend on content creation and online marketing is better spent elsewhere. Once you have built at least a small audience, you can consider other strategies after adding banners (like those from Ezoic).

Getting a travel blog started is the hardest part. Make creative use of those writing muscles by picking a topic you’re interested in. Get feedback, try new things, and watch how your blog develops.

How To Start A Travel Blog With No Money is a complete guide that will give you how to start a travel blog.

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