keyword Golden Ratio Case Study

keyword Golden Ratio Case Study | kgr Technique Sheet

Do you know the keyword Golden Ratio Case Study and kgr Technique Sheet? This technique was very useful for New bloggers. Because by following this kgr Technique new bloggers Rank Their Website In 24 Hours. About 99% of new New Bloggers want to know. Because in a few days you can get your website in the Top 50 or Top 100. There are also some Golden Keywords that you can use to get to the first number in a few days.

In this Post I Will Teach You

  • What is KGR Technique?
  • What is the main purpose of using the Keyword Golden Ratio?
  • What is Keyword Golden Ratio Case Study?
  • How Do I Get My Article At The Top Of Google?

What is KGR Technique?

Friends, first we will talk about What is KGR Technique? KGR stands for Keyword Golden Ratio. Google Search Engine SEO also has some golden keywords that are rare in Google Search Engine. So if a post is written on these keywords then you can 100% rank on this keyword. KGR Technique was founded by Doug Cunnington. KGR is a formula that gives you a low competition and a small search volume keyword Which can be easily ranked.

What is the main purpose of using the keyword Golden Ratio?

KGR Technique is always used to find long tail keywords. Searches for keywords that are rare in Google. These are long tail keywords with a search volume of 100 to 200 worldwide. But in Google Search Engine “allintitle:” the number of this long tail keyword should be less than 30. The Keyword Golden Ratio helps a lot in the following three tasks.

Best Way To Increase Website Traffic For Free: New bloggers and web designers are always worried about the lack of website traffic. Because being a new website doesn’t make Google important, ranking in search engines becomes impossible. keyword Golden Ratio ٗ (KGR) Best Way To Increase Website Traffic For Free.

Find Long Tail Keywords For SEO: You can easily find long tail keywords for SEO in kgr Technique. You can extract two types of keywords from this kgr Technique main keywords and Primary Keywords.

Free Keyword Research Tool For SEO: Almost all Google Keyword Research Tools are Online Paid. But kgr Technique is absolutely free and manual. This is a Free Keyword Research Tool for SEO.

Does Keyword Golden Ratio Work

Whenever new bloggers or web designers hear about Kgr Technique, one thing that comes to their mind is Does Keyword Golden Ratio Work or not. But one thing I have tried on my own Blogspot is that the keyword Golden Ratio is fine and works. So I can guarantee that. By working on kgr Technique, I had ranked the copyright article which also got me a lot of traffic on the blog spot.

keyword Golden Ratio Formula
keyword Golden Ratio Formula

keyword Golden Ratio Formula

As you can see in the picture above, the Dividing (AllInTitle) ÷ (SearchVolume) answer will be KGR Keyword Ratio.

keyword Golden Ratio Formula
keyword Golden Ratio Formula

Allintitle ÷ SearchVolume = KGR Keyword Golden Ratio

Great Ratio: To find magic keywords in KGR Ratio must be 0.25 or less. Because the lower the KGR Ratio, the higher the Keyword Ranking Google. So the lower the KGR Ratio, the sooner your post or website ranking will come up in Google. In the KGR Ratio of 0.25, there are 100% chances that as soon as our Index post is posted, we will be ranked from Top 10 to Top 50 in the next 24 hours.

Might Work: The keywords searched in the KGR Ratio from 0.25 to 1.00 have a 50% chance of ranking in the google search engine SEO Tips with the KGR technique that may or may not be included in the rankings. But if your website has good traffic then you can easily get ranked but it becomes difficult for new bloggers to get ranked so new bloggers should not take 0.25 to 1.00 keywords in KGR Ratio.

Bad: Now let’s talk Bad KGR Ratio. Almost every new blogger picks up keywords without research which are usually more than 1.00 which you can’t even think about ranking so every new blogger gives up blogging very soon.

keyword Search Volume Google
keyword Search Volume Google

keyword Search Volume Google KGR

The keyword search volume in the Kgr technique is very observant. Because there is no point in ranking a keyword that people are not looking for. Therefore, keyword search volume is very important in Kgr technique. Because if the search volume will be higher and your post will come in the rankings, then you can get very good visitors monthly. Good visitors mean good business. unique monthly visitors for websites are the lifeblood of any website.

The goal of every blogger is to generate blog or website traffic from the United States, the United Kingdom, or any European country. So I have found a keyword for you in the picture above “How To Earn Money Online As A Kid” which has 260 monthly traffic. And next, we’ll talk about Allintitle.

Allintitle In KGR Technique
Allintitle In KGR Technique

“Allintitle:” In KGR Technique

All results of any title are displayed in KGR by doing Allintitle. For example, the title or keyword has been used in the titles of as many posts as of today. KGR’s technique involves typing Allintitle: on Google, followed by a long tail keyword. Then when they are searched, the title of the website users will appear as I have shown in a keyword “How To Earn Money Online As A Kid”.

keywords Could Not Rank In Google

I heard that with the KGR technique we can rank all our keywords but this is completely wrong. Because not all keywords can be ranked, some of them are keywords that the user does not need, so there is no competition. So it would be foolish to work on these keywords, for example.

keywords Could Not Ranking In Google
keywords Could Not Ranking In Google

Now let’s talk keyword Golden Ratio Case Study. Friends, if someone is searching for the keyword “login yahoo email” in Google, it must mean that he wants to log in to yahoo’s website, so he will go directly to the same website. And not just content or websites. So it would be very foolish to sit around hoping that traffic will come, so there is no traffic on all such keywords. So before writing a post on any title, you must research all your keywords. Because whether or not the keywords you’re working on will drive traffic to our website.

Keyword Golden Ratio Sheet
Keyword Golden Ratio Sheet

Keyword Golden Ratio Sheet

After studying the keyword Golden Ratio Case, I have come to the conclusion that the Keyword Golden Ratio sheet should be shared with you. This is an Advanced Seo Course Online. kgr sheet This is a Google Latest Free Stuff that you can use to find the keywords golden ratio of many keywords. It is very easy to use & Download KGR Sheet Here.

download free kgr sheet
download free kgr sheet

The Keyword Golden Ratio Case Study is a very important thing in the kgr Technique Sheet. You can download kgr Technique Sheet from the link given above. I mean you can copy in which you can save innumerable keywords and research and work on them when the time comes.

Blogging Tips For New Bloggers

keyword Golden Ratio Case Study I am giving you Blogging Tips For New Bloggers. Never try to go for just KGR Technique or any SEO shortcuts as it will only waste your time. kgr Technique Of course it is very useful at the moment but Google can change this kgr Technique at any time so by becoming a professional SEO expert you can benefit from it for the rest of your life. And if you are a new blogger then this is a great opportunity for you to learn SEO Free starting with the KGR Technique technique.

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