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Today’s topic is Great Long Tail Keyword Research Tool Free. Everything has changed over time. 15, 20 years ago, everything was free on the Internet. But today all internet tools are available for a fee. But you can do Long Tail Keyword Research without them. But if you want to do free keyword research online, today I will share with you my personal method which you can follow to find a great keyword. To make you understand, I will give you an example of the main title of this post, Great Long Tail Keyword Research Tool Free. So that you can learn my Golden Keywords Strategy and get rid of paid keyword research tool.

But a free Long Tail Keyword Research is not so easy. This requires us to adopt google search techniques. But it definitely has an advantage as everyone knows one thing. Paid tools for SEO never give 100% results. Somewhere or other their content is wrong which can affect your SEO strategy. That’s why I always search for Long Tail Golden Keywords by doing manual research. Today I will teach you Step By Step Long Tail Keyword Research which will get rid of your Paid Keywords Research Tools and give 100% free and organic results.

Long Tail Keywords VS Short Tail

New Bloggers have always been confused about whether to use Long Tail Keywords or Short Tail Keywords in our blog. Because when new bloggers look at Short Tail Keywords Volume, they think that they can generate a lot of organic traffic by working on these keywords. But in reality this is completely wrong because there is a lot of competition on Short Tail Keywords so it is foolish to work on Short Tail Keywords. But an old website with a lot of organic search traffic can easily be ranked on any keyword.

So New Bloggers should not even think of Short Tail Keywords. Long Tail Keywords rank very quickly because their competition is very low. I myself always use Long Tail Keywords. The reason for this is that the search volume of these Long Tail Keywords is low but at the same time there is no competition. Long Tail Keywords VS Short Tail is the difference between earth and sky, so choose them based on the quality of your website.

How To Find Long Tail Keywords My Technique

One of the questions that every blogger has to search for Organic Keywords is How To Find Long Tail Keywords. I am telling you my keyword research I do not use any paid tool for search engine optimization. You can call it Free Long Tail Keyword Tool or free long tail keyword research. I will tell you step by step which is as follows.

#1 Download Chrome Extension

I use 2 Chrome Extensions in On Page SEO. The first is Keyword Surfer and the second is Ubbersuggest.

Keyword Surfer
Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer : There is a great tool that you can do Google Research to do Long Tail Keyword Research. When you install Keyword Surfer in your Chrome browser you will find any desired keyword in Google. This extension will show you CPC and Search Volume which plays an important role in your Long Tail Keyword Research. It also gives you keyword ideas with similarity and search volume.


Ubbersuggest : Neil Patel Keyword Tool is a most popular Chrome Extension. Which gives us complete information about any keyword. There is always a View All option with Google search bar that gives you complete information.

keyword tool free
keyword tool free

In addition, you can search for any keyword on Google search engine and see its backlinks, domain score and anchor text. This is a seo meta chrome extension. But for some as a result, if you want to get more out of it, you have to buy this Chrome Extension.

#2 The Use Of keyword Golden Ratio or Kgr Keywords

I use this technique of keyword Golden Ratio and so far I have gotten great results using it. About 1 month ago today, I heard about kgr techniques and then researched kgr techniques. And finally in my blog this use of kgr technique.

Does keyword Golden Ratio Work : After 15 days, this question kept running through my mind. But a month later I got the answer to this question in the form of ranking of organic keywords on my blog. The biggest advantage of this technique is that as soon as my title or main long tail keyword rank came up, many other small keyword rankings came in, so kGR Technique Works.

keyword Search Volume : You need to find out the monthly search volume of your keyword using the keyword search volume chrome extension that I mentioned above.

Allintitle Search : Before you search for any long tail keyword on Google, search by typing allintitle: you will find out how many keywords have been used in the title of the post. Which will help you a lot in improving Google Search Engine SEO.

KGR Technique Formula : When you find allintitle and search volume, you will get golden keywords ratio and this is the formula of this technique. Allintitle ÷ SearchVolume = KGR Keyword Golden Ratio.

keyword Golden Ratio : Must always be 0.25 or less. In addition, the search volume should be less than 200. Because the higher the search volume, the higher the competition. Read in detail keyword Golden Ratio Case Study.

Long Tail Keyword Research Tool Free
Long Tail Keyword Research Tool Free

Great Long Tail Keyword Research Tool Free

If you are looking for Great Long Tail Keyword Research Tool Free, I don’t think you can find a better and free tool anywhere in the world than Google. Searching for Organic Keywords is always on every blogger but is not accessible to everyone due to being a paid tool. But using the kgr technique you can find Organic Keywords for free.

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