My Journey Into Gluten Free Disease 2

My Journey Into Gluten Free Disease

My Journey Into Gluten Free Disease – Celiac Disease Lifespan

My Journey Into Gluten Free Disease start during the teenage years I suffered from a lot of Viruses. Celiac Disease Lifespan is going on with my life I have had Celiac Disease Treatment a lot in my life but it did not leave me behind. I had a fever most of the time and whenever I went to the doctors they would give me antibiotics. When I reached the age of 18 I got a very High-Temperature Fever and could not get out of bed. The doctor had to Visit my house prescribed Antibiotics and Cough medicine. I also had to have a Blood Tests done to see why I was getting ill all the time.

When the blood results came through my blood was very low. I was rushed into hospital in an emergency. I was told if I didn’t. I was told if I didn’t have a Blood Transfusion then I could collapse anytime, anywhere. I stayed in the hospital for 10 days, the doctors did various tests ie Urine Tests, and more blood tests. My family was very upset about was what was happening.

The blood test showed antibodies in the body. Doctors could not understand why I was a temperature body and feeling sick and dizzy. I was asked if I had very heavy periods but it was not the case. Even I was asked if I was Eating Properly in the case I was trying to Diet Food to stay slim and that was not the case. Finally, I had a Blood Transfusion of 8 pints of blood. The doctors never came to any confusion about what was happening to me.

After 2 years later than had another blood transfusion of 4 pints of blood. The doctors just put it down to be Anemia Then after that I started to Get Diarrhea as soon as I would eat my Dinner. I have lived a difficult Celiac Disease Lifespan due to Gluten Free Celiac Disease. I was Eating Chapati with Curry. But Chapati is also counted in such a celiac diet. Which Celiac Disease Foods To Avoid. The only Celiac Disease Foods staying in my stomach were Fruit and Vegetables.

I started to Lose Weight Fast and become slim. But at that time I understood that Weight Loss Without Dieting is impossible. I started to Feel Tired All The Time and My Body Feeling Cold and Tired. I was working the evening shift from 4 pm to 10 pm in a warehouse. Every day I would have open my Casement Window to get home, no matter how cold it was because I was so tired. Cold wet Feeling in Head that’s why I always wear a hat to Get Better Sleep At Night Naturally.

I started to get Joint Pain In knees And Elbows, I thought I had Arthritis and Cold Weather. I went to the Doctors and Explained my condition. I was Prescribed Diarrhea Tablets and PainKillers For My Knee Pain. As time went on I kept going to the Doctor and finally, he sends me to the hospital and the doctor had a look at my knees, I was told that this is not arthritis and asked me what symptoms of arthritis in the knee you having. I then explained everything that was happening to me and She said don’t worry we will get you better and She referred me to a Gastroenterologist. I was finally referred to a Gastroenterologist. I had to have Gastroscopy and Endoscopy.

My Journey Into Gluten Free Disease - Celiac Disease Lifespan
My Journey Into Gluten Free Disease – Celiac Disease Lifespan

After Diagnosed with Celiac Disease

The Consultant had me in with the results when I was finally diagnosed with celiac disease. I have a Gluten Intolerance. It was very hard to come to terms with my condition because I cannot have anything with Wheat in it. It was very difficult for me to get a Gluten Free Diet into my life. When I first started the Diet For Celiac Disease I got samples of Glutafin and Juvela. They were so good they send me hampers with various items, i.e Gluten Free Pasta, Gluten Free Biscuits, Gluten Free Bread.

The Gluten Free Bread tasted horrible and was very hard to eat because you had to warm it up so it would go soft. It took me some time to Healthy Diet Plan because I held if I didn’t sick to the diet I could possibly get Bowel Cancer and Osteoporosis Treatment.

Slowly I Adopted keys to a Healthy Diet and I started to put on weight and started to feel better and my Knee Pain Relief and went away because I started to get the nutrients my body needed. As time has gone on, The bread has Improved it is like normal soft Fresh Bread to eat now. I am on a Gluten Free Diet Plan and enjoy the food I have this is my Celiac Disease Lifespan and this condition is Gluten Free Condition there is no cure. I would advise People to Stick to the Gluten Free Diet and eat more Natural Foods than Processed food.

Celiac Disease Gluten Free
Celiac Disease Gluten Free

Celiac Disease Complications

Most of my life has been spent in Celiac Disease Treatment. But I’m still on the Gluten Free Diet. My least expensive gluten-free flour is my Celiac Disease Treatment forever. Only those who are fighting Celiac Disease can understand gluten free diet benefits. I have lived my life with celiac disease diarrhea. A child diagnosed with celiac disease is very common nowadays. I have gone through a lot of hardships all my life but to this day I have failed to find Celiac Disease Treatment. The only cure for celiac disease is a Gluten Free Diet.

Advice For Celiac Disease

I created this blog for people who are struggling with this dangerous Celiac Disease. I will share my Celiac Disease Lifespan with you. So that those of you who yourself or your children are suffering from this disease, you will be able to cure your celiac disease by reading my life story. I have lived with this disease for 45 years. Therefore celiac disease explained. I will tell you all about celiac disease symptoms, celiac disease treatment, celiac disease diet, and celiac disease diagnosis.

Please share my blog with people who are struggling with this disease because if this disease has ruined 27 years of my life then you may be the next one. But I want to tell these people my life story for the light of my life so that you can cure yourself and get rid of many other diseases by dieting. Because celiac disease brings with it many other diseases, I will tell everything step by step, remember it in my prayers and if you like the information, please share it. Thank you.