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[Mobile History] When Was The First Mobile Phone Invented

Today we will talk about this topic When Was The First Mobile Phone Invented. Nowadays we all think Life Without Smartphone is very difficult or we will die without it. But this is completely wrong because 20 years ago very few people knew about Mobile Phones.

When Was The First Mobile Phone Invented

Now we will talk about when cell phones were invented. Mobile phones or Android Phones have become a very important part of our lives today. While it is not difficult to live without them, it becomes impossible nowadays.

But if we talk about the history of the First Mobile Phone, then it is 1908 that the US Patent was given in Kentucky for a remote phone. The first Mobile Phone Was Founded in 1940. Engineers then with great difficulty founded AT&T designed the first mobile phone cells and the first mobile phone database station.

Today we can call the mobiles that were in the old days a masterpiece of mobile phone history but we cannot call them mobile phones. Because they were like two-way radios that people talked to as if they were providing services such as a police wireless system or a hospital wireless system for a microphone.

First Mobile Phone In The World Separated Cell Database Stations. Due to which he had surrounded a very large area. When the first Motorola Mobile Phone hit the market on April 3, 1973, it became the center of attention. Since then, the Motorola Mobile Phone Company has produced a large number of Motorola mobile phones.

Early Mobile Phones are now called 0g mobile technology or 0 generation mobile. And the mobile phone technology we are using today is called mobile phone 4g and 5g.

When Was The First Mobile Phone Invented
When Was The First Mobile Phone Invented

History of Mobile Phones 1926 to 2020

After innumerable experiments in mobile phone technology from 1908 to 2020 phones, today we have reached android phones or smartphones.

Speaking of today, the world is in your hands with a mobile phone. Android phones or smartphones have become the biggest need of human beings in 2020. No one can live without them at this time. Now we talk about the history of Mobile Phones 1990 to 2020, which I will tell you step by step.

1926 First Successful Experiment on Mobile Phone

The first successful experiment was carried out in 1926 at the Deutsche Reichsbahn between Berlin and Hamburg. This mobile phone experiment was carried out on passengers which was very successful and this experiment laid the foundation of mobile phone.

1946 Mobile Phone First Call

When The First Mobile Phone Invented, the first call was made on car radio in Chicago city. Radio Frequencies were very low at that time, so the First Mobile Phone Invented experiment was successful.

1956 First Radio Frequency Calls

In 1956, Sweden introduced the first radio frequency system for private vehicles. The technology used in Sweden was called vacuum tube and at that time the tool weighed about 40 kg.

1969 Introduce Mobile Phone Systems

In 1969 a Nordic Mobile Telephone Company (NMT) was founded. The Engineers from many countries took part in it, including Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. The main goal of all these Engineers was to develop such a Mobile Phone Systems. Mobile phones that have been introduced to people in the United States should help them run this system.

1973 Motorola First Phone

Dr. Martin Cooper who worked as a general manager in Motorola’s company. After a hard work, Martin Cooper introduced the Motorola first mobile phone to the people in 1973, which at that time weighed 1.1 kg.

But despite its weight, it became very popular among the people and at the same time the Motorola company also won the honor of being the world’s first mobile phone.

1982 World’s First Mobile Phone

By 1982, the world knew that if we worked on information technology, we could make a mobile phone. But it wasn’t easy, so the 11 countries thought they all worked together on the project. So all these Europe Countries sent their Best Engineers to Stockholm.

Then all these Best Engineers should consider this matter. Is it possible to build a digital cellular phone system all over Europe? And it had a lot of political scrutiny at the time. The Best Engineers Group adopted the Nordic Mobile Telephone Company (NMT) mobile phone model to invent the first mobile phone and laid the foundation for the World’s First Mobile Phone according to international standards.

1985 First Call In England

An English comedian named Comedian Ernie Wise made his first public call in England. And the call was made from outside the Dickens Pub at St Catherine’s dock to Vodafone’s HQ. English Comedian Comedian Ernie Wise made the First call in full Dickensian coachman’s garb.

1987 Mobile Development Technology

Technical specifications for the GSM were adopted to optimize Mobile Technology. In order to improve mobile technology and bring call quality and prices to the public. Because by that time the world knew that it was not possible to develop without Mobile Technology. So the whole of Europe worked hard.

1992 First Text Message

One thing that always comes to our mind is when was the first text message sent? Speaking of England Text Message History, the world’s First SMS Message was sent to England. Neil Pop worth, a 22-year-old man who worked as a contractor for Telecom Company UK. To provide Vodafone messaging service
Neil Pop worth did a great job.

When Neil Pop worth sent the first text message “Merry Christmas” to Vodafone Director. Who was enjoying a Christmas party in his office at the time.

1996/19997 Mobile Phone Hold

16٪ of Households Currently hold Mobile phones in England. There was raised 10 years later 80%. All started from pay as  you go Phones.

1998 Nokia 5110 All Colors Available

In 1998, many changes were made to the mobile phone, including the removal of a mobile phone antenna. But there are still some Old Cell Phone Models that used to have an Antenna. But these Old Cell Phone Models were almost always black.

In 1998, Nokia launched the 5110 Old Cell Phone Models, the newest cell phone at the time. But at that time this mobile phone had a feature that was available in almost all colors.

In 1998, Mobile Phone Technology was developing rapidly. The first thing that was sold on mobile phones in the world was the Mobile Ringtones.

1999 Better Graphics

One of the Nokia Old Cell Phone Models, the Nokia 3210, was launched in 1999. Which was made more beautiful than the first mobile phones. Of all the phones that were launched earlier, the Nokia 3210 had the latest and Better Graphics.

2000 Nokia 3310 Released

In 2000, the Mobile Phone World was revolutionized. The world’s first touchscreen phone was invented. There is no doubt that there was a big difference between the Touch Screen Phone and the Old Touch Screen Phones of that time.

The Nokia 3310 was released in 2000 and sold 126 million mobile phones. This cell phone did a lot of business in 2000. That is why people still remember him.

The J-SH04 Touch Screen Phone was also launched in Japan in 2000. It was the first Touch Screen Phone that was easy for ordinary people to buy.

2001 Rid Of The Black

Finally got rid of the black and white display mobile screen in 2001. Because the color phone was invented in the same year. We can’t call it Color Mobile but the old Black Screen of Death.

2002 Full Color Display Screen

With the passage of time, mobile phone technology changed and a full color display screen was introduced. Nokia launched a new model 7650 and its screen was great and full color. Its camera was 0.3 megapixels which was the best camera of that time. Which allows you to take pictures while walking.

2003 3G Internet Speed

In 2003, Smart Phone Company developed a lot. 3G internet speed was also invented in 2003. Soon 3G internet became popular among the people. The path of smart phone was also paved by 3G internet. 3G network In England, with the help of Hong Kong, 3g network was extended to other countries. Here are the models that came in the market for 3G mobiles for 3G network. Motorola A830, NEC e606 and NEC e808.

2004 Motorola v3

In 2004, Motorola launched the thinnest and most beautiful mobile phone in the world. It was called Motorola v3. I have also used Motorola v3 by myself. Its screen was quite large and colorful. It was a folding mobile that could easily fit in your pocket.

2005 Sony Ericsson k800i

Motorola was on the path of development, so where could Sony Ericsson lag behind at that time. In 2005, Sony Ericsson launched the world’s first Walkman phone, the W800i. It was a great Walkman phone for listening to music. It was one of the best mobile phones of all time.

2006 LG Chocolate

In 2006 LG Chocolate First Mobile Phone Invented which was a tail end in its class. It was a designer mobile phone.

2007 First Apple iPhone

Apple Inc’s first Apple iPhone was released in 2007. It was the latest Apple Smartphone of 2007. It was the only smartphone to have its own ios software. In addition, all other types of mobiles use android.

The latest mobile phone at the time was the Apple iPhone. O2, a British company that launched the first iPhone. It was priced at $499 so it wasn’t easy to buy. But this mobile phone became so popular that it sold a lot in the first year.

2008 Launched HTC G1

HTC also launched a mobile phone in comparison to the Apple iPhone in 2008 due to the growing number of smartphones. Named the HTC G1. One of the great features of the HTC G1 was its screen and large keypad. It also used Android Software. It was also the world’s No. 2 smartphone.

2009 Motorola Milestone

There was a time when a mobile phone was so big that it could not be put in a pocket. But in 2009 the cell phone was transformed into a smartphone. In the same year, Motorola also released a new model that could be easily caught in the bathroom, called the Motorola Milestone. Some changes have been made in this handset which sets this mobile phone apart from other phones. It has a large screen and a large keypad that allows us to type easily. Another change is the flip type format. This handset also used Android software.

2010 Motorola Back Flip

Motorola, as always, is in the spotlight in 2010. As always Motorola releases new handsets every year, this year too Motorola has released a handset in the market called Motorola Back flip. You could say it is one of the unique phones in the world. It is being added to unique phones because its screen can be twisted behind a mobile phone.

2011 Samsung Galaxy S II

Where Motorola Mobile Companies always carried. Samsung also made an entry there and launched its first latest mobile phone. Its name was Samsung Galaxy S II. It was Samsung’s greatest handset of all time. The camera of Samsung Galaxy S II was kept at 8MP which could take very good pictures. It also uses Android software. One update was that you can also make video calls via GPS. This mobile has surpassed all the companies as soon as it came in the market and it has been dominating since 2011 till now.

2012 Nokia Lumia 800

Nokia unveiled the Nokia Lumia 800 in 2012, surpassing the Samsung Galaxy S ii. Because it has Windows 7 software installed. So you could say it was the No. 1 alternative to using mobile computers, GPS, radio, calculators and the Internet. Due to which this mobile became very popular and also Nokia company started running in the race of technology. With the passage of time, mobile technology has increased and today, Samsung, Nokia, I Phone, these three companies are dominant.

2013 To 2020 Mobile History

Mobile phones are being used all over the world nowadays. In 2013, Mobile Phone Technology was revolutionized. To date, new mobile phones are being launched almost every day. In which these 3 Mobile Phone Companies have played a significant role.

  1. iphone
  2. Samsung
  3. Nokia
I Phone
I Phone

I Phone

I Phone has been on the path of development since 2007 and today, until 2020, Nat is releasing new mobile phones almost every day. I am going to give you some information here so that you can know in which year I Phone was released and which model was released. I will share Evolution Of The Phone I Phone with all of you.

i phone = 29/06/2007

iphone 3g = 07/11/2008

iphone 3gs = 19/06/2009

iphone 4 = 24/06/2010

iphone 4s = 14/11/2011

iphone 5 = 21/09/2012

iphone 5s = 20/09/2013

iphone 6 & iphone 6 plus = 19/09/2014

iphone 6s & iphone 6s plus = 19/09/2015

iphone se = 31/03/2016

iphone 7 & iphone 7 plus = 16/09/2016

iphone 8 & iphone 8 plus = 22/09/2017

iphone x = 03/11/2017

iphone xs & iphone xs max = 21/09/2018

iphone xr = 26/10/2018

iphone 11 = 20/09/2019

iphone 11 pro = 20/09/2019

iphone 11 pro max = 20/09/2019

iphone se =[2nd Generation] = 24/04/2020



Samsung also developed and launched many mobile phones but unlike i phone, it did not launch one or two phones in a year but launched many phones every year. So it is very difficult to give their details but very soon I will share Evolution Of The Phone Samsung with all of you.

Nokia Mobile
Nokia Mobile

Nokia Mobile

Nokia Mobile is also the world’s third largest company that has dominated the world of smartphones. Nokia Mobile also releases a lot of mobile phones every year like Samsung Mobile which is impossible to describe here so I will share an Evolution Of The Phone Nokia Mobile. I will read it and share it with you step by step in the history of Nokia Mobile.

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